Our Services

Hazmat Diving

AMS divers are Hazmat trained and experienced in chemical clean-ups, contaminated waste, and intake gratings. AMS has all the equipment to deal with spills in a safe and efficient manner. Divers utilize special suits designed for protection from chemical exposure.

Penetration Diving

Allen Marine has vast experience with penetration diving and tunnel inspections, up to 1100 feet. Longer ranges can be accomplished through our ROV inspections.

Water Intake Pipes

Allen Marine provides installation, repairs, and maintenance of water intake pipes. Other services of water intake pipes include zebra mussel control feed lines, intake screens and cribs.

Water Intake Structures

Zebra mussels adhere to intake structures and multiply to the point where they close off the openings between the gratings. This may result in extensive and/or possible complete loss of water flow through the intake pipe . AMS provides zebra mussel removal from water intake structures via high-pressure water blasting, hand scraping, and vacuuming.

Outfall Pipelines

AMS provides inspection and clean-outs of sediment debris from outfall pipeline.

Potable Water Storage Tanks

Inspections of elevated water storage tanks. Divers and all equipment entering potable water are disinfected in accordance with AWWA standards. Our divers are fully trained in non-destructive testing.

Clearwell & Wetwell Inspections

AMS provides inspections and clean-outs of sediment debris by utilizing a hydraulic unit with FDA and NFS approved Food-Grade Light Mineral Oil. Divers and all equipment are disinfected in accordance with AWWA standards. Our divers are fully trained in non-destructive testing.

Sluice Gates

AMS provides installation, repair, and maintenance of sluice gates.

Trash Racks

Hydrothane trash racks are widely used in cold weather regions throughout the United States. Frazzle or anchor ice adhering to conventional steel racks were eliminated with the use of non-metallic racks. These racks also deter Zebra mussel growth.

Traveling Water Screens

Over time, your traveling water screen may collect large quantities of zebra mussels or debris which can lessen work capacitation. AMS rebuilds, repairs, and services traveling water screens to insure that they are working at maximum capacity.

Sediment Removal

AMS designs and constructs sediment containment basins to house sediment debris. Divers utilize submersible hydraulic pumps and hoses to vacuum sediments.

Bridges & Canals

Several AMS divers are bridge certified through the 80 hour course with the National Highway Institute. We have performed extensive inspections and repairs on bridges, canals, and dams in multiple states.

We can meet your needs for bridge diving inspections with experienced, NBIS certified diving personnel and state-of-the-art diving equipment. Since 1987, AMS has inspected over three hundred bridges throughout New York State for the Department of Transportation.

Inspection services include color video documentation with real-time monitoring of the entire substructure for each bridge. Still Photography, using a 35mm camera, can be made of any located defects.

Dams & Reservoirs

AMS designs, fabricates, and installs stainless steel, aluminum, and hydrothane trash racks and also provides bulkheads for de-watering of inlet pipes, to assist in gate valve replacement. AMS provides detailed video inspections of dams and spillways.


Design, furnish and install floating docks, to include dock moorings and gangways.


Replacement and repairs of wharfs, to include timber fenders, and pile restoration.

Other Services

  • Steel & Wood Fabrication
  • Steel & Wood Piling & Removal
  • Underwater Burning & Welding
  • Pipelines & Water Main Repairs
  • Ships & Barges
  • Salvage & Recovery
  • Decompression Diving
  • Fathometric Survey
  • Design, Consultation, & Engineering
  • Underwater Grouting Services