Allen Marine Services is a company that strives to accomplish each project in the safest manner possible, meaning ZERO incidents and accidents. As a member of the ADCI (Association of Diving Contractors International) our philosophy and culture is that of Safety and Education.

Our philosophy is to lead by example; it is our daily mission to ensure that our employees complete what we ask of them – without mishap or incident. At the start of each shift a full and detailed review of the work of the day will be conducted, using the Daily Work Plan as a tool for understanding and corrective action. We ensure that every employee has the proper training as well as the necessary PPE, tools and equipment to successfully complete the work/ task they are assigned.

Ensuring the safety of our employees, our clients and their employees, and citizens in the general public where we work is the number one priority in everything we do at AMS.

Our safety program is among the most stringent in our industry, utilizing a variety of methods to build a safety culture that is second nature to all personnel. We do everything possible to ensure safety, through careful pre-task planning and meticulous environmental assessment.

We have instituted an integrated safety program of zero-tolerance drug testing, tool box talks, site safety audits and new hire orientation.
We have implemented what we refer to as “Planning to Prevent”.

This system “Planning to Prevent” contains four basic program elements:

  • Management/Leadership
  • Leading Indicators vs Lagging Indicators- Why AMS will “LEAD’’ the way
  • Worksite Analysis: SSSP/JSSP
  • Hazard Prevention and Control: Layered Audit System (PTP/Daily Work Plan)

Our goal is to outline the necessary components to establish and sustain a culture of safety.

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